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  • Seminole Heights wall mural


Construction began in late 2021 and will be completed approximately three years later. Crews are working in multiple locations simultaneously. Construction will occur in all three Seminole Heights neighborhoods: South Seminole Heights, Old Seminole Heights and Southeast Seminole Heights.

The dates listed below are tentative and subject to weather and unforeseen conditions.

West Crest and Florida Avenue

  • Box culvert installation on West Crest from the river to Highland will continue through late-June. Stormwater inlets will be connected as the box culvert installation progresses.
    • A new stormwater system should be in place on Crest from Highland to the river by early June.
  • Box culvert installation on Crest from Highland to Florida is scheduled for June through late July. New stormwater inlets will be connected to the finished box culvert sections in this area from June through July as well.
  • Roadway restoration on River Boulevard and Crest will begin in early June with new curb and asphalt installed by the end of August.
  • The first closure of Florida Avenue was completed on Tuesday, May 24. Florida Avenue will be closed again in early August for at least three weeks to install box culvert and 72-inch stormwater pipe from Crest to Frierson.
    • Four additional curb inlets will be added on Florida Avenue and two additional inlets will be added on the corner of Frierson and Florida.

Tunnel and Caracas

  • Work associated with the microtunnel on either side of  I-275 at Caracas and Taliaferro  is complete. The area has been temporarily restored for local traffic.
  • By late July, crews will be installing 72-inch stormwater pipe on Caracas between Central and I-275.
  • In August, crews will be installing 72-inch stormwater pipe on Caracas between I-275 and Nebraska.

Other Areas

  • Crews began installing box culvert on Central Ave from Frierson to Giddens in April. Crews are now working on connecting the new box culvert to existing box culvert at the Giddens intersection. Crews are also installing 72-inch diameter stormwater pipe from Frierson south to Caracas.

Construction typically occurs on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Night and weekend work may be needed on occasion for major road crossings or connections. If night or weekend work is required, crews will provide advance notification to residents to minimize inconvenience.

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