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  • Seminole Heights wall mural


Construction began in late 2021 and will be completed approximately three years later. Crews are working in multiple locations simultaneously. Construction will occur in all three Seminole Heights neighborhoods: South Seminole Heights, Old Seminole Heights, and Southeast Seminole Heights.

The dates listed below are tentative as of April 15, 2024, and subject to weather and unforeseen conditions.

Outfall Structure and River Boulevard Area

  • All work is complete in Haya Linear Park with the exception of the driveway to the outfall, which will be completed at a later date.

Florida Avenue

  • Work is ongoing on Florida Avenue. Crews poured the last of six (6) stormwater inlet openings on January 23, 2024, and the sidewalks have been restored.
  • This location is currently undergoing a final review before installation of the final layer of asphalt to ensure there are no conflicts with existing pavement, driveways, and/or utility structures.
  • The final layer of asphalt will begin two (2) weeks after inlet tops are approved by FDOT.

Frierson Avenue

  • Crosswalk striping at the intersection of Florida Avenue will occur simultaneously with the striping of Florida Avenue.

Caracas Street West of I-275

  • The guard rail will not be installed for some time as the contractor for the I-275 work needs to maintain access from this street.

  Central Avenue south of Hillsborough Avenue

  • Rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB’s) have been ordered for the Wilder Avenue crosswalk and will be installed as soon as they arrive, which is anticipated the first week of February 2024.
  • Update: The City has requested a change in manufacturers. The new RRFB’s are expected to be delivered in mid-June.

Central Avenue north of Hillsborough Avenue

  • Central Avenue from Mohawk Avenue to Hanna Avenue is paved with the first layer of asphalt. The remaining driveway and right-of-way restoration is ongoing. The final layer of asphalt is expected to be completed by the end of April.

Hanna Avenue

  • All utility work on Hanna Avenue is complete. The final striping will take place after the remaining 30″ storm pipe is tied in at the Nebraska Avenue intersection.

Caracas Street & Taliaferro Avenue East of I-275

  • All work is completed at this location.

Caracas Street East of Nebraska Avenue to 12th Street

  • The contractor is awaiting FDEP clearance for the new 6″ water main on Caracas Street from 9th Street to 12th Street. Once cleared, the contractor will decommission the old 2″ water main and complete the remaining roadway restoration.

Ellicott Street

  • Utility and stormwater work is completed. Roadway restoration is ongoing.

N. 12th Street (Caracas Street to Curtis Street)

  • The utility work on Caracas Street through the intersection of Osborne Avenue is completed. The 24″ water main and 48″ stormwater pipe from the south side of Osborne Avenue to Curtis Street is installed. The water main is currently being pressure tested and chlorinated. Roadway restoration is ongoing.

N. 10th Street (Ellicott Street to Chelsea Street)

  • The installation of the new 42″, 36″, and 30″ stormwater pipe is completed from Ellicott Street to Chelsea Street with the exclusion of 52 feet of 30″ pipe, which is pending the relocation of an existing 24″ water main. Roadway restoration is ongoing along 10th Street.

N. 9th Street (Caracas Street to Ellicott Street)

  • The contractor is awaiting FDEP clearance for the new 6″ water main on Caracas Street from 9th Street to 12th Street. Once cleared, the contractor can remove the existing 2″ water main in conflict with a proposed curb inlet. The final roadway restoration will follow the curb inlet installation.

New Orleans Avenue

  • The installation of the new 6″ water main is now completed, except for the concrete “shock” pad needed at the intersection of 11th Street.

East Louisiana Avenue

  • The utility work is scheduled to commence at this location in mid-July.

East Chelsea Street

  • The installation of the new 24″ water main has begun, the new 30″ stormwater pipe will follow.

North Nebraska Avenue (north of Hillsborough Avenue)

  • We are currently assessing the utilities at this location to identify any potential conflicts. Notice of construction activities will be provided at least two (2) weeks in advance.

General Notice

Construction typically occurs on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Night and weekend work may be needed on occasion for major road crossings or connections. If heavy construction, such as pipe installation, road building, or work that will impede access to homes or work that will occur outside the stated hours, residents will be notified in advance. However, housekeeping and routine cleanup tasks that occur on Saturdays are not noticed.

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