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  • Seminole Heights wall mural


Construction began in late 2021 and will be completed approximately three years later. Crews are working in multiple locations simultaneously. Construction will occur in all three Seminole Heights neighborhoods: South Seminole Heights, Old Seminole Heights and Southeast Seminole Heights.

The dates listed below are tentative as of March 17, 2023, and subject to weather and unforeseen conditions.

Outfall Structure and River Area

  • The area around the outfall has been graded, planted, and mostly sodded.
  • The paver driveway to the outfall has been installed and will be cleaned up over the next week, with grass installed in the driveway before the end of the month.
  • The outfall is scheduled to be painted next week.
  • The handrail is scheduled to be installed next Friday.
  • Two more cypress are being added to the north side of the outfall, and pink muhly grass will be planted around the edge of the outfall the week of March 27

Crest 300 block

  • All sanitary adjustments are complete, and the curb and asphalt have been replaced at all locations where adjustments were made.
  • The project team is continuing to work with the city on the correct drainage and sidewalk solution for the NW corner of Crest and Highland Ave.

Crest 100 and 200 blocks

  • Final grading for sod and other restoration items should be complete by the end of March, with final lift of asphalt occurring at the end of March/early April.

Florida Avenue

  • The curb inlets tops have been approved by FDOT. Once the final details are approved, work will be scheduled. We are anticipating starting this work the first week of April, pending final resolution early next week.

Frierson Avenue

  • The watermain will be going to Department of Health next week for final approval before being tied in and water services switched to the new main.
  • Customers may be inconvenienced in the surrounding neighborhood while tie overs occur but will receive door hangers from the project team and/or the City in advance of this occurring.
  • As soon as the new watermain is tied into the existing watermains, the final stormwater curb inlets will be installed, and the road building will begin.
  • We are anticipating road building and curb installation to be started by mid-April.

Louisiana, New Orleans and Ellicott

  • These roads will get final lift of asphalt early May with the rest of the SW quadrant of the project.

Caracas West of I-275

  • Reinstallation of the 72” pipe should be on Caracas will be completed next week, with the reinstallation of the 32 feet of 72” on Central at Caracas being complete by the end of the month.
  • Road base has been installed from I275 to the alley that connects to Ellicott
  • In early April the curb and first lift of asphalt will be installed (as soon as the reinstallation of the 72” on Central at the intersection is complete).

Central Avenue south of Hillsborough

  • The first lift of asphalt has been installed from Hillsborough to Wilder.
  • Crews will build the last two permeable paver parking spots on the west side of Central just north of Frierson over the next couple weeks.

Central Avenue north of Hillsborough

  • Crews began work on the storm system at Comanche on March 6th. There was an engineering issue with one of the storm structures that involved the structure being modified in the field, and that issue has been worked out, and installation should start back next week.


  • Permeable pavers have been installed from Clifton to Idlewild. The final piece of curb at Idlewild that is necessary to hold the pavers in place, is scheduled to be installed next week, with the final paver tie in completed immediately thereafter.
  • The road base has been installed and final graded from Henry to Clifton and is awaiting the next mobilization by our paver to have the first and second lifts of asphalt installed, which is scheduled to take place at the beginning of April.


  • Work is scheduled to begin on Hanna in front of Seminole Elementary over summer of 2023 when school is out to avoid conflicts with school programs.

Miami and Osceola

  • The city has determined that no additional curb will be replaced on these streets. The milling of the existing asphalt is scheduled for early April. At that same time the final layer of asphalt will be installed across the entire road. This is based on the earliest availability of our paving subcontractor.

Caracas & Taliaferro East of I-275

  • The remainder of the curb, sidewalk, and driveway aprons will be installed before the end of March.
  • The first layer of asphalt will be installed at Taliaferro and Caracas from there to the laundromat in early April with the next mobilization of our paving subcontractor.

Nebraska Avenue

  • This work is scheduled to begin on April 10. This work will require a full road closure and detour for AT LEAST six weeks.
    • Work includes replacing the 20” watermain and installing a new 72” stormwater pipe which will be used to convey flooding away from southeast Seminole heights.

Construction typically occurs on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Night and weekend work may be needed on occasion for major road crossings or connections. If heavy construction, such as pipe installation or road building, or work that will impede access to homes will occur outside the stated hours, residents will be notified in advance. However, housekeeping and routine cleanup tasks that occur on Saturdays are not noticed.

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