Work on Tunnel Under I-275 Begins in Late January

Work will begin on or about Jan. 24, 2022, to install a stormwater pipe under I-275 from North Taliaferro Avenue west to Caracas Street. This work continues through April, barring unforeseen conditions.  The pipeline will be installed under I-275 by microtunnel, a trenchless construction technique that involves:

  • Installing dewatering wells and pumps that will run 24 hours a day continuously through the duration of the work.
  • Digging large tunnel shafts on both sides of the interstate (at the Taliaferro/Caracas intersection and at the end of East Caracas Street on the west side of I-275).
  • Staging a soil separating machine, control trailer and other equipment on Taliaferro.
  • Bringing a crane into the areas to lower the tunnel boring machine into the sending shaft, to lower pipe into the shaft through the tunneling operation, and to retrieve remove the tunnel boring machine, once complete.
  • Crews will work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday until tunneling is complete.

Crews will install the 72-inch diameter stormwater pipeline on Caracas as the tunnel operation is completed. Residents should expect to hear construction noise and possibly feel some vibration during tunneling and pipeline installation.

Microtunnel work area East Caracas and Taliaferro

North Taliaferro Avenue will be closed from East Wilder Avenue to East Ellicott Street as crews install a stormwater pipeline under I-275.