Responding to Pipe Breaks on a House-by-House Basis

The project team learned this week there was confusion among some residents on West Crest, west of Highland, surrounding a recent precautionary boil water notice that was distributed by the City of Tampa. Residents were concerned that some homes in the vicinity of the recent drinking water pipeline break received a notice, but others did not.

Why?  Because not all homes were affected. Some homes in this area are connected to the newly installed 6-inch watermain. Others were still connected to the old 2-inch watermain. The City’s response was specific to those homes that were affected.

When a pipe break occurs, on-site personnel, including City inspectors and Water Department personnel, respond. The City determines if a precautionary boil water notice is needed, and if so, notifies those affected.

Project managers and project hotline personnel may not receive this information in real time, as those who are responding prioritize protecting public health and safety and repairing broken lines.

If you receive a precautionary boil water notice or ever have a question about the safety of your drinking water, please call the City of Tampa Water Department phone number provided on the flier or visit the City of Tampa’s web page on precautionary boil water notices.  The Nelson team continues connecting homes to the new water line, so service can continue without interruption.