Pipeline on Caracas West of I-275 to be Re-installed; Paving and Restoration Delayed

Survey results from the 72-inch storm pipe installed along East Caracas Street between North Central Avenue and I-275 have shown that the pipe is out of alignment. While the pipe has been verified to function correctly, it is out of tolerance and does not meet the City’s or Nelson’s standards. Crews will therefore start removing and re-installing a large portion of this pipe to bring it into specification, which will delay restoration. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Storm pipe removal and re-installation will begin as early as Jan. 3 and will last for approximately 4-5 weeks.

Residents of Caracas Street have been notified via door hanger and Nelson Construction has gone door-to-door to answer any questions Caracas residents may have. Residents who have additional questions or who have mobility concerns can call the project hotline at (813) 580-5313.