Hurricane Readiness Plan

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is tracking a number of storms, including Tropical Storm Ian, that could potentially impact Florida. Hurricane preparedness is an important part of doing business in Florida, and David Nelson Construction has standard procedures in place to follow before and after a hurricane makes landfall to protect against damage.

Nelson’s procedures start days in advance of a predicted landfall. Trenches are backfilled and secured. Equipment is moved and secured. Other steps the project team will take include:

  • Inspecting all drainage structures and pipe for proper operation and removing any blockage to minimize flooding,
  • Taking measures to protect against erosion and infiltration of sand and silt,
  • Collecting and securing all barricades, signage, lumber, light pipe and other items that could become windborne and present a hazard to the surrounding neighborhoods,
  • Ensuring all designated hurricane evacuation roads within the project are safe and navigable,
  • Emptying project dumpsters, and
  • Removing job site signage and permit boards.

If street signs have been taken down for construction, they will remain down until after a storm passes to prevent them from becoming windborne. However, residents should know that emergency responders use a secure electronic maps system for search and rescue during emergencies; they do not rely on street signs.

Residents in Southeast Seminole Heights Flooding Relief Project construction zone should secure their property and prepare for any tropical activity as you normally would during hurricane season. To keep your family safe, following all the typical hurricane safety tips:

  • Avoid standing water
  • Don’t drive through moving or standing water; don’t drive through a growing puddle
  • Avoid downed power lines; always assume power lines are live
  • Treat non-functioning traffic signals as a four way stop

If you haven’t already done so, assemble a disaster supply kit. Visit the City’s Disaster Supply Kit web page for list of items to include in your kit. Learn more about hurricane preparedness at the City of Tampa’s website. You may also sign up for Alert Tampa to receive emergency alert notifications from the City.