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How to Report Damage to Property

Sometimes, despite best efforts, construction can cause damage to personal property. David Nelson Construction has procedures in place to address damage that may occur.

If you believe your property has been damaged because of construction, contact the project team at (813) 580-5313 or [email protected] and make your concern known. Every call and email are tracked and reported to the City of Tampa in biweekly meetings, and concerns are kept pending in the report until resolved.

Depending on the nature of the concern, Nelson will either repair or replace the item in question if the contractor is liable. More serious claims are sent to Nelson’s insurance provider for resolution. Residents who are not satisfied with a resolution may contact the City of Tampa’s Risk Management department to file a claim.

It is in the contractor’s interest to handle claims to the City of Tampa’s satisfaction. The City holds back a percentage of the total contracted amount, a retainage, which is paid to the contractor only upon final completion to the City’s satisfaction, which includes resolving outstanding claims.