Hillsborough Avenue Nighttime Lane Closure

Beginning Monday, March 27th, the contractor will connect a new watermain pipeline to the City’s 12” watermain located at the corner of westbound Hillsborough Avenue and northbound N. Central Avenue. To minimize impacts to the traveling public, reduce inconvenience to local business patrons, and improve worker safety, the construction work will occur at night from Monday, March 27th to Thursday, March 30th from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING CONSTRUCTION Starting Monday night and ending Thursday morning, the contractor will be installing and pressure testing a new connection to the existing city watermain and installing new water service pipe west along Hillsborough Avenue and north along Central Avenue (see Traffic Notification Map work zones). By 5 a.m. each morning, traffic barricades will be removed from the turn lane on Hillsborough Avenue and driveway access will be restored. Central Avenue will remain closed to thru traffic and traffic will continue to be detoured. During construction hours, the contractor will provide access through the construction zone for residents and businesses as needed. During nighttime operations, the contractor will be using mobile lighting to illuminate the construction area and residents may experience higher noise levels associated with heavy construction equipment operating in the area. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we work to improve your drinking water system. PROJECT OVERVIEW When complete, the Southeast Seminole Heights Flooding Relief Project will move stormwater away from roads and properties to relieve periodic flooding. Improvements include new box culverts, and new or upgraded inlets, pipes, and associated interconnections to the existing stormwater network. The project is also incorporating “green” water quality treatment elements such as environmentally friendly previous pavement and baffle boxes. In addition to flood relief improvements, the project is also improving drinking water service and fire protection by replacing aging watermain with a high potential for leaks and breaks. Transportation safety improvements are also being installed on N. Central Avenue between Osborne Avenue and Hillsborough Avenue. Community input during the development and design of the project was instrumental in guiding these mobility improvements.