Fire Hydrants Are Being Installed

While the main purpose of the Southeast Seminole Heights Flooding Relief project is installing a stormwater conveyance system to relieve flooding, the City is adding other community benefits at the same time, like new drinking water mains and new fire hydrants.

The fire hydrants that have been on backorder for a year due to supply chain issues have finally arrived and are already being installed. In total, David Nelson Construction is installing 38 new fire hydrants throughout the project area, 32 of which are being installed in areas where there were none before. (The other six are replacing hydrants that are either old or need to be relocated.)

E. Cherokee Avenue, N. Miami Place and Osceola Place are three streets that will soon have fire hydrants for the first time, thanks to new, larger water mains. This added fire protection may even help in lowering homeowner’s insurance premiums for nearby residents. According to the Insurance Information Institute, you may pay less for homeowners insurance if your home is close to a fire hydrant or in a community that has a professional rather than a volunteer fire department. So if you live along or near a street where a hydrant has been added, be sure to notify your insurance company once the hydrants are operational.