East Caracas Street Update

Work on East Caracas Street has taken longer than anticipated, but Nelson aims to have the first layer of asphalt installed on Caracas before Christmas. Please note this is a goal and contingent upon City staff review and approval.

Nelson crews have completed the installation of the 72-inch stormwater pipe on East Caracas between I-275 and Central Avenue. This was the most technically challenging installation due to the depth of the excavation, size of the pipe, and the narrow road and right-of-way in which crews were working.

During installation, the pipe got off horizontal alignment slightly, before being brought back into alignment. All the joints are good, but the City requested a survey inside the pipe to ensure the vertical alignment is acceptable.

A surveyor was on site today to take measurements inside the pipe. Once the results are received, the data will be plotted on the plan sheets and provided to the City for review. This process is expected to take a week or two.

Upon City review and approval, Nelson will start building the road, with the goal to have the first layer of asphalt installed before Christmas.