During & After Hurricane Ian

Today, crews will be working a half day to finish securing the construction sites.

Heavy rains are predicted with Hurricane Ian, which means there will likely be erosion on unpaved roads. Residents who shelter in place are urged to use extreme caution if attempting to drive on these roads after the storm. Do not drive through standing water in a construction zone. Nelson will have crews on standby to return to the site and start repairing any damaged roads as soon as it is safe to do so. Like first responders, our crews cannot go out until conditions are safe for driving and working.

Also, our ability to communicate via email, website or telephone will likely be hindered during and after the storm due to power and telecommunications outages. After the storm passes, our first priority will be assessing the construction zones and repairing any damaged roads.

We hope all of you, your friends and family members remain safe during and after Hurricane Ian.