Crest and Central Avenues Update

The 300 block of West Crest Avenue had four sanitary sewer adjustments that needed to be made before Hurricane Ian made landfall. With the storm approaching, Nelson Construction quickly laid the first layer of asphalt to prevent erosion from the storm.

Nelson is currently making these adjustments on West Crest, which requires small sections of the road and curb to be excavated. Residents whose driveways are affected by this work are notified in advance via door hanger. Curb is being replaced as the adjustments are made; while concrete crews are on site, Nelson is working with the City to replace sidewalk sections in need of repair along River Boulevard.

Once all sanitary sewer adjustments are completed, the lines will be inspected a final time. Assuming no other adjustments are needed, West Crest will receive the final layer of asphalt in early 2023.

Water and storm pipe installation on Central Avenue north of Hillsborough Avenue tentatively scheduled for November has been postponed until after the first of year. Once this work is rescheduled, residents will receive new door hangers ahead of construction.

Nelson is striving to install permeable pavers and the first layer of asphalt on the northbound lane (east side) of Central Avenue south of Hillsborough Avenue before Christmas.