Answering Questions About West Crest Avenue Width

The project team has received several questions about the width of West Crest Avenue after restoration. This post answers those questions and provides background information.

When the City specified that curbs and gutters be added to this road, the project team worked with the City to refine to road design to accommodate several considerations:

West Crest Avenue rendering showing 18-foot width total and a 9-foot travel lane

Crest Avenue width once restored.

  • Maintaining a minimum 9-foot lane in each direction.
  • Minimizing encroachment on homeowners’ improvements within the City’s right of way.
  • Maintaining residents’ ability to park on the road, and on the edge of the road in their yards (a common practice in this neighborhood).

The project team worked with the City’s Stormwater and Transportation departments to specify a curb that has a 2-inch vertical face with a 2-inch angled face on top, which is easily mounted by vehicles, while still maintaining the correct drainage attributes and structural integrity. The project team, with City approval, designed a roadway which has a drivable surface of 9 feet in each direction. This 9-foot-wide travel lane includes both the asphalt and the flat part of the concrete curb.

Before construction began, the width of the 300 block of West Crest was inconsistent, varying from 17 feet 2 inches to 19 feet 9 inches. The final roadway will have two 9-foot travel lanes, with mountable curb to accommodate resident parking, for a total roadway width of 19.66 feet from the outside of curb to outside of curb.