Activity in Construction Zones

As construction wraps up in some areas, residents may wonder why they are still seeing activity. Much like a home remodeling project, punch-list items and final restoration remain. You may notice crews doing small housekeeping tasks or restoring residential areas that were affected. This routine cleanup work is intended to keep the construction site tidy and may include:

  • Repositioning barrels and detour/construction signs
  • Picking up trash and unused construction materials
  • Smoothing out ruts in unpaved roads
  • Filling in potholes
  • Smoothing and prepping the rights of way for sod
  • Wetting and sweeping the streets
  • Cleaning out curb inlets
  • Repairing/replacing erosion control devices & tree barricades

These activities may occur throughout the week and even on Saturdays in active construction zones.

While notice is given to residents for work directly impacting access or when heavy construction — such as pipe installation or road building — will occur outside stated hours, housekeeping items in active construction zones are not noticed. Work continues in active construction zones until all punch-list items and final restoration are completed.